Bharti Singh has turned completely into a vlogger, however, the comedian still credits TV for her flourishing career. Recently, Bharti Singh collaborated with Faisal Shaikh aka Mr Faisu for his talk show. Bharti had a heartfelt conversation with Faisu, during one of his QnA segments. Faisal asked her, “You didn’t charge for your cameo in Rock Aur Rani, instead gave money to Karan sir?”

Bhartilaughed, and shared, “That is true that we didn’t charge, he had spoken about the whole commercial but we didn’t do it.

But you know, when we entered the vanity van for the shoot. The amount we were going to charge, there were things worth double that amount. I got so emotional looking at that love from his end.Karan sir and I do a lot of shows together so for me Karan sir is like my brother. He had told me, “Bharti bindaas bolna”. When I went to shoot there were boxes of LV and branded goodies. I thought it was someone’s parcel and then the boy said, ‘No ma’am, Karan sir has kept it for you.’ Haarsh came running and said, ‘There were boxes in my van too.’ It is all his love.”
Bharti further joked, “If we get films in exchange for expensive bags then I would surely ask for those branded bags.”

Bharti and Haarsh had shared in their vlog that they couldn’t go for the premier and then weren’t able to watch the film Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahaani. Bharti said, “We haven’t watched the film yet but we are dying to watch as it has received a lot of love from the audience. We danced on Dhanlakshmi laddoo, the scene would be of around 40 seconds and I saw the videos. I was looking so good as Pushpa while Haarsh barely got 3 seconds… (joking)”
Haarsh added, “I want to see how I would look on the big screen. It was a great experience.” They duo were showered with a lot of love for their cameo from their fans and friends from the fraternity.

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