OTTAWA: Holding his own party-led government in Canada responsible for inaction against Khalistan extremists, Liberal party MP Chandra Arya on Sunday asserted that Hindu Canadians were fearful after threats issued by extremist elements.
Arya, who is a lawmaker from PM Justin Trudeau‘s party, has repeatedly raised the issue of threats to Hindu Canadians and urged the community to stay calm and vigilant.
Arya’s remarks came after Gurpatwant Singh Pannun and other extremist elements issued threats to the Hindu community in Canada, warning them to go back to India, amid the ongoing standoff between the two countries.
Speaking to CBC News, Chandra Arya said, “I am more worried about the consequence of what happened after the PM’s (Trudeau) statement. The concerns of the safety of Hindu Canadians here, Hindu Canadians are fearful”.

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