NEW DELHI: Shashi Tharoor has taken the sting out of Rahul Gandhi‘s “dynasty” attack on the BJP by describing the Congress a “family-run party in many ways.” Ironically, the Kerala MP has echoed what has been a long-standing charge of the BJP against the grand old party.
When asked about who could be the prime ministerial candidate from the Congress if the opposition alliance wins the next Lok Sabha elections, Tharoor said: “My guess is from the Congress party either Mr Kharge who will then be the first Dalit Prime Minister of India or Rahul Gandhi since in many ways it is a ‘family-run’ party.”
Tharoor’s remarks came even as Rahul Gandhi made an effort to put the BJP in the dock by taking the dynasty attack to the saffron party.When asked about the BJP targeting Congress on dynasty politics at a news conference in Mizoram, Rahul Gandhi tried to counter the question by alleging that the BJP also has its share of dynasts in the party.
“What is exactly the son of Amit Shah doing? What does Rajnath Singh‘s son do? last I heard, Amit Shah’s son is running Indian cricket. Many of their (BJP) children like Anurag Thakur, are dynasties” Rahul Gandhi said.
However, the BJP was quick to hit back. Its leaders lapped up to the statement of Tharoor to buttress their charge against the former Congress chief.
“Rahul Gandhi tries to paint BJP as a dynastic party, but Shashi Tharoor hits right back, calls the Congress a family run party! Not just that, he again puts down Rahul Gandhi, declines to name him as the only possible Prime Minister candidate, from the Congress. Names others too,” BJP leader Amit Malviya posted on X.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has led the attack against the Congress calling it a “family-run party” in all his election speeches and accusing the grand old party of turning ‘prajatantra’ (democracy) into ‘parivartantra’ (dynasty).

Rahul Gandhi on dynasty politics: “Last I checked, Amit Shah’s son was running Indian cricket”

At a recent rally in poll-bound Telangana, PM Modi targeted both the Congress and the ruling Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) and called them “two family-run parties” known for corruption and commission.
“Both of these parties have the same formula. The party is of the family, by the family and for the family… These people are turning democracy into a family dynasty. Their party is run like a private limited company. The president, CEO, director, treasurer, general manager, chief manager, and manager all are of the same family,” the Prime Minister had said.
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