CHENNAI: An 84-year-old woman was found living with her 55-year-old daughter’s dead body for three days at Manali New Town on Tuesday morning.
The incident came to light after neighbours grew suspicious after foul smell emanated from the house. On information, the Manali New Town police reached the spot, found the elderly woman Jasmine’s daughter to have died at least three days ago. The body was found swollen and in a decomposed state.
The deceased woman Sheela, 55, was single. She was living with her mother who was mentally depressed. Her father employed in MTC died about five years ago. The two women lived in their Manali New Town house alone.
On Tuesday, neighbours found the house locked from inside. Since their repeated knocks did not elicit any response, they informed police.
Police said the woman did not realise that her daughter had died and that she went about doing her routine work, as if her daughter was asleep.
Sheela’s body was then sent for postmortem to Government Stanley hospital. Police are awaiting the postmortem report to ascertain the exact cause of death.
They said that Sheela had a few health ailments which could have resulted in her death. Prima facie the death appears to be natural, police said.

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