Acclaimed Malayalam director Alphonse Puthren has announced a shift in his career path following a recent self-discovery of having autism spectrum disorder.

The director shared his decision to step away from the world of cinema theatres, expressing concerns about being a burden to others due to his health condition. However, he assured his fans and supporters that he will continue to create music, videos, and short films, with a primary focus on delivering content through OTT platforms.

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Alphonse Puthren’s candid Instagram note revealed his personal struggle with health issues and a delayed understanding of his condition, which he believes may have contributed to the gaps between his film projects.Despite this life-altering revelation, he is determined not to bid farewell to the world of entertainment, vowing to continue bringing joy to his audience.
The ‘Premam’ director’s note read, “I am stopping my cinematic theatre career. I have autism spectrum disorder, which I found yesterday on my own. I don’t want to be a burden to anyone else. I will continue doing songs and videos, short films, and maximum on OTT. I don’t want to quit cinema, but I have no other option. I don’t want to make promises that I can’t keep. When health is weak and unpredictable, life brings a twist like an interval punch.”
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The heartfelt post quickly caught the attention of netizens, who flooded it with supportive comments and well-wishes for the director. Renowned actor Sreejith Ravi urged Alphonse to seek professional help and return to filmmaking, saying, “Dear brother… I believe you can still entertain us with your films. See a specialist, please. Please get some professional help. Come back.”
Another concerned netizen emphasised the importance of a professional diagnosis, stating, “Please get a diagnosis from a professional. Mere internet research will not confirm anything. I love your filmmaking and would love it if you could continue, but if you don’t want to, that’s still your decision, and it will be respected.”
Meanwhile, Alphonse Puthren’s last directorial endeavour was the film ‘Gold,’ featuring Prithviraj Sukmaran and Nayanthara in the lead.

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