Munawar Faruqui is one of the contestants of Bigg Boss 17. The stand up comedian spoke exclusively with ETimes TV about his participation, survival strategy in the house and more.

On doing Bigg Boss 17

Duniya mein kuch itna accha bacha nahi, I was a little bored in the outside world so felt like doing Bigg Boss. I’m doing this show for my fans as they have been waiting to see me on-screen.I also wanted to do something on television and what better than Bigg Boss.

Skipping the show last year

Last year I didn’t do the show because it would have been too much for me to do two reality shows in the same year. So, I took my time and prepared myself mentally and I felt this is the right time to go inside the show.

On having an upper hand as compared to other contestants due to his Lock Upp experience

Staying in the Bigg Boss house I feel is not that difficult. The contestants will get a chance to stay in a such a luxurious house with all the facilities. It is no where close to the previous show that I did. The situation there was much tougher. The contestants won’t have worry about food, we will get a chance to earn daily and eat. We have best of clothes to wear. The situation here in Bigg Boss is way better than what we lived in so I don’t think there is anything such as I’ve an upper hand or advantage.

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Fiction stars can hide their real side better in front of the camera

As far as Bigg Boss is concerned all the contestants who come inside they know the format on the show and how to behave in front of the camera. They come prepared. So I felt I should do a show like Bigg Boss. I don’t think I’ll be able to behave better than the fiction stars in front of the camera. It is easy for them to hide their real side. I’ve seen that.

Will Munawar do the household chores?

I think a person should do what comes easy to him. If making friends is easy then I should do that and then all the household chores will be done (laughs).

On learnings from the previous show

I won that show so there are no dont’s. As far as do’s are concerned I’ll try to not bore the audience by doing the same thing. There are many things that I can offer to the audience. Munawar Faruqui has many more aspects which audiences will see. I will stay real and when you are real only new side of your personality comes out. When you play a character you repeat yourself but when you are real, people will only see new things.

Pressure from fans to do well

It is a good pressure. It is like a fuel and if I don’t have that I don’t think I’ll be able to run.

Real life experiences have made me stronger

I’ve seen so much in my real life that having less food on a reality show or ration feels like a cake walk. Humne itna sab kuch dekh liya ke ab namak nahi, khana nahi hai, ye sab easy lagta hai…

Meeting Salman Khan

I am very excited to meet Salman sir every Weekend Ka Vaar and I just hope that I don’t do anything which upsets him. I’m not scared and if I’ll play my game keeping Salman sir in my mind main bahut darr ke game khelunga… if I make a mistake I’m fine to be scolded by him. I will work on whatever he will suggest.

On fan war

That is people’s way of showing love and affection. Ye pyaar Mohabbat hai fans ke toh hai toh hai. I just don’t want anyone to get hurt or affected by it.


Yes, I do get affected. But when I see the person who is trolling, I feel they don’t have a life.

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