In a tragic incident on the Italian island of Sardinia, real estate magnate and husband of former Bollywood actress Gayatri Joshi, Vikas Oberoi, is now under investigation for ‘road homicide’ following a deadly collision between a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. Two Swiss nationals lost their lives in the devastating crash, which occurred during an Italian supercar tour, and Oberoi may face up to seven years in prison if charged and found guilty.
Vikas Oberoi allegedly drove a Lamborghini with his wife, Gayatri Joshi, as the passenger.The incident took place on 195 Sulcitana State Road in the commune of San Giovanni Suergiu in South Sardinia. A video of the crash depicted the Lamborghini and a Red Ferrari behind a large white motorhome on a narrow single-lane road.
Tragedy struck when the Lamborghini attempted to overtake the motorhome and collided with the Ferrari. The impact was severe, causing the motorhome to flip and the cars to careen off the road. The Ferrari, which flipped and caught fire, led to the tragic deaths of Swiss nationals Markus and Melissa Krautli, aged 67 and 63, respectively.
Additionally, a couple from Selva di Val Gardena, aged 61 and 62, who were traveling in the motorhome, sustained injuries and were transported to a hospital for medical treatment.
Italian authorities have initiated an investigation into the incident, considering it a ‘double road homicide.’ This development means that Vikas Oberoi potentially faces a maximum penalty of seven years in jail if legal charges are brought against him and he is ultimately found guilty.

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