KOCHI: The Israeli embassy in India took to social media on Tuesday to appreciate the efforts of two Keralites who saved the lives of Israeli civilians they were caring for by holding on to the door handle and preventing militants from reaching them during the attack by Hamas.
“Indian superwomen! Listen to this story of Sabitha, a caregiver from Kerala, as she shares how she and Meera Mohanan saved the Israeli civilians they were taking care of by holding the door handle & preventing the Hamas Terrorists from bursting in & killing them,” the embassy posted on their X handle along with a video of Sabitha explaining her experience.
Sabitha says in the video that she has been working at a border kibbutz named Nir Oz and, along with Mohanan, taking care of an elderly lady, Rahel, who has ALS disease. “I was on night duty and was about to leave when we heard the siren at around 6.30am. We ran to the safety room.”

Caregiver and elderly woman survive Hamas attack on home
The siren did not stop and soon we got a call from Rahel’s daughter that things were out of our hands. She told us to keep the doors locked and stay inside. Within a few minutes, we heard the terrorists breaking into our house, shooting, and breaking the glasses,” said Sabitha, the care giver of an elderly woman. “We called the daughter again and asked her what to do. She told us to hold on to the door.”
Sabitha said they both took off their slippers to ensure their feet would grip the floor. “Terrorists were at the house from around 7.30am trying to open the door from outside. But we tried our best to hold on to the door. They hit at the door and then shot at it. They destroyed everything,” she said.
Sabitha said they had no idea of what was going on outside. At around 1 pm, they heard shots again: it was the Israeli Army come to save them.
“We don’t have anything left. They looted us completely, including Meera’s passport. I had kept an emergency bag with our documents as we live at the border but that too was taken. We knew the missile would be falling and when it happened, we used to get into the safety rooms. Once it was over, we used to get the emergency bag and keep it in the safety room. But on that day we didn’t have time to do anything,” she said.

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