BJP MP Maneka Gandhi has stated that her NGO was keeping an eye on Elvish Yadav since the YouTuber and influencer had been using endangered snakes in his videos.
Elvish Yadav, a YouTuber who was named in an FIR by the Noida Police on Friday for allegedly ‘supplying snake venom‘ at rave parties, released a video statement rejecting all charges and promising cooperation with the UP Police.

BJP MP Maneka Gandhi, whose NGO lodged a complaint against the popular influencer, made a statement asking why Elvish Yadav was on the run if he was not guilty.

Elvish took to his Instagram handle and shared that the allegations were fake and he was not guilty, however, Maneka Gandhi struck back and revealed what had actually happened and why Elvish needed to get arrested as soon as possible.
“This is a grade 1 crime, seven years in jail, a wildlife crime. King cobras die when their venom is taken out. Their venom is for digesting food. Without the venom, they can’t eat anything and thus they die. There are very few cobras and pythons in the country. It is a crime to own them, catch them or use them,” Maneka Gandhi stated.

Snakes & foreign girls: Youtuber Elvish Yadav’s booked for rave party in Noida

Maneka Gandhi demanded Elvish Yadav’s immediate arrest, and claimed her NGO had been watching Elvish Yadav for a long time since he used to wear snakes in his YouTube videos. “Then we found out that they sell snake venom,” Maneka Gandhi added.
Maneka revealed that they had laid a trap, “We told him that we were partying, send your people. He first sent a few people to see if it was genuine and then sent 5 people to make a deal with the snake venom and snakes. He supplies in Gurgram and Noida.” She also shared the repercussions of the use of venom in such parties, “Snake venom leads to liver and kidney failure and then the brain becomes dizzy. So you feel dizzy.”
“Elvish gave us the name of one Rahul whom we contacted. He said he could organise the venom wherever we want. He then came to Sector 51 Banquet Hall with the Venom. The Noida police then came to the venue along with the DFO and arrested the organisers,” she further added.

A representative from PETA India also released a statement against Elvish Yadav, “We applaud the Noida police for their action showing cruelty to animals will not be tolerated. Snakes may look different from us, but they feel pain and suffer when manhandled for their venom. Drug dealers, snake charmers and even ‘pet’ owners typically keep snakes in small containers, cruelly forcing them to remain cramped in place, unable to move or stretch out their bodies,” stated Meet Ashar, Cruelty Case Division Legal Advisor and Manager, PETA India.

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