A glamorous hairdresser who moonlighted as a drug dealer is due to be sentenced for “absolutely foolish, reckless behaviour” committed just weeks after serving out parole for similar crimes.

Mikaela Turner, 29, faced Sutherland Local Court on Tuesday after pleading guilty to supplying 4.5g of cocaine worth $2300 in early October last year.

That came just three weeks after the expiry of her parole for supplying drugs on an ongoing basis, for which she spent 13 months behind bars.

According to agreed facts tendered to court, investigators determined a Sydney cocaine supply syndicate was linked to Turner’s phone number, who was a “runner” for the syndicate’s controller.

Through electronic and physical surveillance, they intercepted her text messages and phone calls as well as watched her carry out the drug deals in her Kia Cerato.The facts state investigators caught Turner doing four cocaine deals within 24 hours on October 8, when she drove from her Sans Souci home to Balmain, onto Kirribilli and then to Pyrmont.

About 1am Sunday, she organised the supply of 2g of cocaine for $1,000, again in Kirrawee.

“High quality CCTV footage captured the accused enter her vehicle from the carpark of (her home) … wearing the same clothing as previous supplies,” the facts read.

“About 1:32am, the customer sent a text saying ‘got the drip, thank you’.”

Three days later, officers went to her house, where they announced their search warrant before forcing entry. They arrested Turner and another man and took them to Campsie Police Station, where Turner declined to be interviewed.

During sentence proceedings today, the court heard that as well as her previous drug offending, Turner has previously been charged with drink-driving.

Turner’s lawyer, Ahmed Dib, argued his client should not be sent back to prison.He conceded the recent supply offending was “absolutely foolish (and) reckless behaviour” but she “makes no excuses for it” and has been “taking proactive steps of rehabilitation”.

“Her history doesn’t assist (her),” Mr Dib told the court.

“She details that in her letter of apology. She says ‘I’ve grown so much, I’ve learned so much’ … It shows insight into her offending and she understands the consequences of drugs and how rampant and detrimental they are to the community”.

Mr Dib told the court that one count of supplying prohibited drugs on an ongoing basis and one count of participating in a criminal group were withdrawn, and Turner was only to be sentenced on one count of drug supply — despite the facts showing she did four deals in one night.

“In terms of her involvement, it wasn’t sophisticated … It is clear she is a person only involved in (the supply on) that one day,” he said.

The court heard since Turner’s release from jail, she’s returned to full-time work and is also enrolled at university.

Magistrate Philip Stewart adjourned the sentence to Monday, leaving the proceedings part-heard.

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