The Yes camp have suffered another blow with just weeks to go until the Voice to Parliament referendum, with a new poll showing support has slumped to its lowest level yet.

The latest Newspoll shows the “Yes” vote plummeting another two points to just 36 per cent, suggesting the Yes campaign have failed to generate the momentum they expected ahead of October 14.

Meanwhile, with just under three weeks to go until Australians vote in the first referendum since 1999, opposition to the referendum has risen a further three points to 56 per cent

The swing to the No vote has occurred across all demographic indicators – but most concerningly for the Yes campaign was the fall among younger voters, who have been the strongest supporters to date.

Support has fallen five points to 50 per cent among the 18-to-34 age group, with a four point rise to 41 per cent for the no vote. At the start of the year, support for the Voice among this group was almost 70 per cent.

The latest poll shows a decline in support among Labor voters – falling from 61 per cent in the last poll three weeks ago – to 56 per cent.

Support among women has fallen from 41 per cent to 36 per cent, while the proportion of people saying they would vote no has risen nine points to 57 per cent.

In good news for the Yes campaign, support among men has improved three points to 36 per cent.

Support among university-educated voters also rose five points, to 54 per cent.

The slump in support for the referendum coincides with a decline in support for Opposition Leader Peter Dutton, who has taken a leading role in the No campaign.

The poll recorded a six point fall in Mr Dutton’s approval rating, down now to just 32 per cent – the lowest approval level since he took the job last May. His net approval rating is now at minus 20.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s approval rating has improved slightly to 47 per cent – but remains at historically low levels with a net approval rating of plus three.

The primary vote for both Labor and the Coalition is 36 per cent, while the Greens suffered a two point fall to 11 per cent.

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