Happiness in the NFL is hard to come by.

While there are teams that appear to have sweet and sunny morales, there’s an indescribable amount of work, strain and stress that goes into achieving such a state. And much of that work centers around the quarterback.

Some teams are happier than others with their leader. Colin Cowherd went through his “happiness meter” Wednesday on “The Herd”, revealing which teams are at least 75 percent confident in their main man heading into game day. 

Here’s who those quarterbacks are.

These teams are ‘happy’ with their QB

Cowherd’s thoughts: [That’s] 45 percent of this league. … I didn’t put Kirk Cousins in there because I think they’re gonna move off him. You’re not driving to the facility with a smile on the happiness meter if you’re gonna move a QB. … Tua could get hurt, C.J. Stroud’s young, Dak has struggled in big games, but when you have a leader … these teams drive to the facility every day thinking ‘we can go toe-to-toe.’”

Jason McIntyre, however, disagreed with one man’s involvement in this smile category. 

“I’ve been questioning Dak Prescott for a while,” McIntyre said. “… He has two career playoff wins and more meltdowns in the postseason when it matters. He has a history of beating up on bad teams. Are you sure [Mike] McCarthy goes in this week, ‘Oh we got Dak, we’re in great shape.’ Do you think McCarthy really believes that given the red-zone struggles and how he’s performed against the Niners historically?”

Cowherd’s retort: “Jerry Jones does, and that’s what matters.”

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And if you’re wondering why Russell Wilson’s not on the list, Cowherd has an answer for that, too.

“I think Russell is better than Dak … but because of his contract, I think it creates tension in the building. I think there’s some real tension in that building, cause it hasn’t started yet, and he’s 34 years old. Now, I think Russell’s better than C.J. Stroud, I think Russell is better than Tua most of the time. … But when you have a 34-year-old, and the contract starts next year, and it’s five years, and he has aged quickly over the last three years, I think that creates tension. I think they have not solved the financial Rubik’s Cube.”

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