Sunrise star Edwina Bartholomew has shared a life update after being missing from the show for two weeks.

Eddy returned to Sunrise on Monday after spending the past fortnight holidaying with her family.

But in an Instagram post shared the same day, the host explained she and husband Neil Varcoe had a particularly productive few weeks away.

The couple has been working on a passion project on the side — the renovation of a historic hotel, The Victoria 1846, in Carcoar in NSW’s central west. They plan to open the boutique hotel in 2025.

While Eddy spent her break enjoying time with her kids, Molly, 3, and Tom, 1, she also said she ticked off some to-do list items when it came to the new venture.

“The most productive and restorative two weeks at The Victoria 1846,” she shared on Instagram.

“Our team from (architecture firm) Studio Esteta and (landscape designer) Studio UC met in Carcoar to finalise our plans. The DA will be submitted next month.”

Eddy said she will be hosting a “massive” garage sale with items from the hotel’s shed on Sunday, October 29 and invited fans to come take a look.

“Watched diggers and rode on the mower with Neil,” she added.

“Planned the outdoor fire cooking space with (artisan barbecue supplier) Smokin’ Gauchos. More to come on these plans soon.”

Previously, Eddy explained her husband had left behind his day job to oversee the restoration of The Victoria 1846.

“We had to sell our house in Sydney to do it,” Eddy told the Hosting With Heart podcast about their decision to buy the property.

“My husband had been working in tech for Twitter, so for us, instead of a big mortgage in Sydney, we thought we would invest in a business that we could build for our family.”

In a post that offered a sneak peek into the yet-to-open hotel, Eddy also revealed the vibe the family plans to curate.

“Imagine a beautiful kitchen garden, outdoor cooking and eating space, an orchard with chickens, an imaginative play area for kids and lots of birch trees, roses and natives,” she wrote on Instagram in June.

“We have a year and a bit of work ahead of us but it really feels like the plans are taking shape and we can begin the transformation.”

The couple sold their home in Dulwich Hill in Sydney’s inner west in March for about $2.1 million after six years of ownership.

It was a healthy return after they bought it for $1.59 million in 2017. The 1870s brick home was beautifully renovated, also by Studio Esteta, before the sale.

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