Summer vacations are about the start and if you are planning a holiday with your family and friends, it is important to be aware of airport rules regarding carrying your gadgets with you. Understanding these regulations can help save you from unexpected bumps at airports, while checking-in as well as through security checks.
Power Banks and batteries can be carried only in hand luggage
Power banks, batteries or battery-operated devices can’t be in the check-in luggage.Most airlines and airports require these items to be carried in your carry-on luggage rather than checked baggage. However, you can take out the batteries from the device, keep the device in the check-in luggage and carry the battery separately in the carry-on luggage. Additionally, power banks with more than 20000mAh or 100Whr capacity aren’t allowed on the flights.
Mobile phones, tablets and laptops need to be taken out for security clearance
During airport security, it is important to take out your laptop, smartphone and other electronic devices for the screening process. Users are required to take out these devices and put them in a tray along with their charging cables.
Note that some specific laptops and smartphones are banned by airlines for carrying. This includes Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and 15-inch MacBook Pro sold between September 2015 and February 2017.
Smartwatches require screening during security clearance
Airports and airlines allow users to carry smartwatches during the flight without any issue in the carry-on, but travellers are required to take them out during the security check process.
TWS earbuds, headphones and speakers need to be taken out for security check
If you are travelling with TWS earbuds, headphones or portable speakers, you will also need to take them out for screening during the security check. Do note that some airports and airlines ask travellers to take out the charging cables too.
Electric shavers and razors are allowed in both hand luggage
Electric shavers and razors are allowed by airlines to be carried in both carry-on and checked baggage. However, traditional razor blades and disposable razors with removable blades are only permitted in checked-in bags if they meet specific size and quantity requirements.
Camera equipment needs separate security clearance
If you are planning to carry your professional camera gear with big lenses, tripods, etc, you may need to go through a separate screening process. However, if the entire item can get inside checked-in luggage (without the batteries) or hand luggage, then the screening process may not be required.
E-cigarette are not allowed
Electronic cigarettes are illegal in India and you can’t carry them with you to the airport. If you are found carrying one, it can be confiscated and lead to legal issues for you.
Drone regulations can vary depending on the place/country you are visiting
If you’re planning to travel with a drone, familiarise yourself with the regulations of your destination country as well as any restrictions imposed by airlines. Some countries have strict rules governing the use of drones, and failure to comply could result in confiscation or legal consequences. Also, airlines may require you to procure additional permissions to be able to carry it.
Also, a drone less than 250 gm in weight can be carried in the checked-in (with batteries removed) or cabin luggage. Bigger ones will require proper permission to carry.
Electric lighters are not allowed
Electric lighters are not allowed in hand luggage as well as checked-in baggage.

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