NEW DELHI: PM Modi on Friday attributed his government’s success in steering the long-pending women’s quota bill through Parliament and imminent enactment to his emphatic victory in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.
“Do you know how it became possible?” PM asked women BJP workers gathered at the party headquarters for a ‘thanksgiving’ show. He corrected his audience when they shouted “Modi hai to mumkin hai”. “The biggest factor is the people of the country, especially the mothers and sisters, who gave a overwhelming mandate with a full majority to us twice,” he said.
The PM’s repeated insistence on a “full majority” and a “decisive government” through the speech were seen as potential scaffoldings of a campaign for the third consecutive majority for a BJP government at the Centre in the light what the party calls a “string of achievements”. The bill, coming after the success of the G20 summit and Chandrayaan-3, became another reason for the party to celebrate Modi’s leadership.
Parties had no choice but to back women’s bill: PM
The swift passage of the women’s quota bill also validated the confidence that the PM expressed when he declared that he was committed to convert the promise of women’s quota into a reality and added lustre to the party’s new campaign theme, ‘Modi ki guarantee’.
Addressing party workers amid festivities, the PM said, “The passage of the bill marks the fulfilment of Modi’s guarantee that he will usher in a new era of women-led development.”
Felicitated with garlands by women who have been benefited by social welfare schemes, the PM thanked all parties for supporting the bill but at the same time said they had no choice but to support the legislation as women have emerged as a strong power in the country and no one could dare ignore them any more.
“We all witnessed history in the making… We are blessed that millions gave us the opportunity to take this historic move. This legislation would be recalled by several generations to come,” the PM said. “Our BJP government has had the privilege of fulfilling the dreams of millions of mothers and sisters. And so, as a party that puts the nation first, as a BJP worker, as a responsible citizen, I am proud that this is a big day for us.”
In a jibe at parties like RJD and SP, which had opposed the bill tooth and nail in the past, the PM said even those who had torn the previous bills had to support the proposed law this time due to the emergence of women power in the last decade.
“From family to panchayat, from economy to education and entrepreneurship, our sisters and daughters are doing unprecedented work in every field today. Women have played a significant role in taking India to the Moon. Be it in start-ups, self-help groups or social campaigns, the role and participation of women are becoming the strength of the country,” he said.
BJP president J P Nadda said earlier governments practised appeasement politics but it was Modi who has worked to empower women with decisions like the ban on triple talaq and the passage of the women’s reservation bill.

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