BHUBANESWAR: In a heartwarming incident, a 14-year-old girl from Odisha‘s Bhadrak district pedalled a trolley rickshaw for 35 km to take her injured fatherto the district headquarters hospital (DHH). The incident occurred on October 23 but only came to light recently when some locals and journalists spotted the girl, Sujata Sethi, near Mohatab Chhak in Bhadrak town.She was seen taking her father back home on the trolley.
Sujata, a resident of Nadigan village, initially took her father to Dhamnagar hospital, which was approximately 14 km away from their village. However, the doctors there advised her to transfer her father to Bhadrak DHH. Determined to get her father the necessary medical attention, Sujata pedalled the trolley for another 35 km to bring him to the district hospital on October 23. Her father, Sambhunath, had sustained injuries during a group clash on October 22, according to sources.
When asked about her extraordinary efforts, Sujata explained that the doctors at Bhadrak DHH had advised her to return after a week for her father’s operation. However, she neither had the means to hire a private vehicle nor a mobile phone to call for an ambulance. Consequently, she made use of her father’s trolley to transport him to the hospital.
Upon being informed about the incident, Bhadrak MLA Sanjib Mallick and former Dhamnagar MLA Rajendra Das promptly reached out to the girl and provided the necessary assistance. The Chief District Medical Officer (CDMO) of Bhadrak, Santanu Patra, confirmed that Sambhunath was admitted to the hospital on October 23 and would remain there until the completion of his treatment. However, he mentioned that the hospital currently does not have an ambulance service to transport patients back to their homes.
This inspiring story of Sujata’s determination and resilience in the face of adversity has garnered much attention and admiration. The local authorities and community members have come forward to support the girl and her family during this challenging time.

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