Australian media personality Abbie Chatfield has thrown her support behind the Yes campaign, revealing why she cast an early vote in the Voice to Parliament Referendum.

Chatfield took to Instagram on Thursday evening to share her personal journey with deciding how to vote, specifically as a non-Indigenous voter.

“As a white person, I wish this vote was only including First Nations people as they are who it will affect,” her Instagram story began.

“I just wanted to vote the way that would represent First Nations people.”

The star said she had also listened to the Progressive No campaign while researching how to vote.

“I completely understand First Nations people’s mistrust of government,” she said.

“While the Voice is nowhere near perfect and there is still so much work to be done regardless of the outcome on Saturday, the majority of First Nations people want us to vote yes.

“So I’ve already voted yes.”

This comes after the latest polls show Australians are set to reject the referendum, with nearly all states recording a no majority.

In order to be successful, the Voice would need a majority national vote and a majority in at least four states.

On Friday Anthony Albanese said his government will “respect outcomes and people’s public rights to come to their own views’.

“If not now, when?” he said.

“When will we acknowledge the fullness and richness of our history?”

Polls show that at least 80 per cent of First Nations Australians support the Voice, which was requested in 2017 in the Uluru Statement from the Heart — an invitation from First Nations peoples to non-Indigenous Australians to realise Indigenous rights through substantive reform.

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