The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has been revealed as one of the government agencies affected by a cyberattack on a national law firm.

HWL Ebsworth was first targeted in a major cyber breach in April this year, during which data was stolen from multiple government departments.

According to 9 News, the AFP, a client of HWL, is believed to be one of the agencies involved in the breach.

The Australian Federal Police Association told 9 news that members’ information, such as officers’ identities and email addresses, has since been uploaded on the dark web.

Investigations into the incident are ongoing.

HWL Ebsworth, one of Australia’s largest commercial law firms, was subjected to a major cyber attack with an infamous Russian hacking group claiming responsibility.

In June, Russian cybercriminals known as AlphV or BlackCat claimed to have posted more than 1 terabyte of stolen data on the dark web, after hacking the law firm in late April.

When contacted for comment, the AFP said it had “no comment on this matter”.

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