Some car owners in the US are facing issues while wirelessly charging their newly launched iPhone 15 series mobile phones. Some owners of BMW and Toyota Supra model owners have reported that when they wirelessly charge the iPhone 15, it temporarily deactivates the Near-Field Communications (NFC) capabilities of the iPhone 15.

Most iPhone users use Near-Field Communications (NFC) for ApplePay and digital car keys.Users affected by this issue have been receiving a “Could Not Set Up Apple Pay” error message even though they have already set up Apple Pay. Apple released the iOS 17.1 update earlier this week and this did not fix the issue. The issue is expected to be resolved with the next update.

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Apple has posted a service bulletin through its authorised service provider network that acknowledges the problem. Apple has also linked the issue to a “small number” of wireless chargers included with some BMW and Toyota Supra vehicles. The company also said that the technicians can attempt to restart the NFC chip in an affected iPhone by using a software tool part of Apple Service Toolkit 2.

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