GUWHATI: Congress MLA Aftab Uddin Mollah from the Muslim-dominant Jaleswar constituency of Assam’s Goalpara was arrested on Wednesday for an alleged hate speech targeting Hindu priests and namgharias, the Assamese term for caretakers of Vaishnavite community prayer halls.
Mollah had been taken for questioning from his official quarters in the Dispur capital complex late Tuesday.
At a party workers’ meeting in Goalpara recently, he purportedly linked temple priests and namgharias with criminal activities. He said Muslims were being blamed for crimes “actually committed by Hindus”.
The speech was circulated on social media, leading to an FIR against him at Dispur police station.
A police officer said MLA Aftab Uddin Mollah was arrested on charges of “deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings, promoting enmity between religious groups, and fomenting hatred”.
“Since these are cognisable offences, we expedited the investigation. We have got video footage of his speech,” Guwahati police commissioner Diganta Barah said. “In accordance with the Supreme Court’s directive, if someone delivers such a hate speech and the police receive a complaint, they should immediately start an investigation. Even if there is no complaint, police must act suo motu against hate speech.”
Earlier this week, Assam Congress president Bhupen Borah had served a show-cause to Mollah for the speech. PCC working president Zakir Hussain Sikdar said Mollah had sought an apology prior to his arrest.
“Congress never tolerates anybody for making derogatory remarks against any religion or community,” he said.

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