An Aussie influencer has been slammed as “ableist” and “dangerous” after “100 per cent” believing that falling ill is a choice.

Georgie Stevenson was recorded on an episode of her podcast, Rise & Conquer, in which she spoke to her producer Atiyya Batty about the theory.

Batty told Stevenson it was the opinion of an unknown third party that “getting sick is a choice”.

“Your body gets presented with the virus, and your subconscious chooses whether it wants to take on the upgrade or not,” she explained.

“I one hundred per cent believe this,” Stevenson replied.

Footage of the episode was uploaded by influencer-tracking account, @keepingupwithaussieinfluencers.

“Sent to me anonymously,” the account’s caption read.

“A Rise & Conquer episode that was quickly deleted.”

There is no trace of the episode on the influencer’s or the podcast’s official Instagram accounts.

Outraged viewers were quick to flood the comments where the video had been reposted.

“So kids who get sick with cancer chose that? What an absolute flog,” one person wrote.

“I dare her to sit in a children’s cancer ward and tell the parents their children chose to be sick.”

Another viewer said she had been shocked by “the ableism of it all” while another questioned whether she had chosen an “upgrade” when she was “‘presented’ and ‘offered’ Covid’.”

“Cool, they can tell that to my lupus,” another said.

“What a dangerous rhetoric. My God”

Stevenson’s podcast Rise & Conquer describes itself as a “high-vibe space to manifest, connect and evolve”, according to its Instagram bio.

The podcast has more than 56,000 followers on Instagram while Stevenson herself has accrued more than 407,000.

In addition to its podcast, the Rise & Conquer brand offers courses and products such as water bottles, manifestation journals and digital podcasting courses.

On Thursday the social media star took to Instagram to share news of her supplement brand landing a deal with pharmacy chain Terry White Chemmart.

Stevenson launched her supplement brand, Naked Harvest Supplements, with her brother, Coopa, in 2019.

Terry White Chemmart is considered to be the largest pharmacy chain in Australia, with more than 500 stores in every state and territory, save for the NT.

Stevenson has been contacted for comment over the podcast.

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