*Caution: Spoilers ahead!

Thursday’s Big Brother was giving fans a bit of déjà vu, as Jag Bains found himself on the chopping block once again — after just having been voted out last week, but saved by a last-minute twist no one saw coming.

This week, however, he found himself sitting across from Red Utley, and the fate of both men were again seemingly determined by the small clique that appears to be ruling the house with a secret, low-key iron fist.

So, which houseguest got sent packing? Scroll down for the big reveal. Otherwise, here’s how everything that led up to and played out during Thursday’s live show.

Jared Fields took home the win during last week’s HOH, meaning it was up to him to put two houseguests on the block. Jared’s mom (although that familial connection is a secret from the rest of the house), Cirie Fields, has been running things like the seasoned reality competition show pro that she is.

Jared decided to put perennial chopping block favorite Cameron Hardin back, alongside his longtime ally Red. Jared convinced Red that Cam threw him under the bus, and for reasons that are baffling to all viewers, Red just accepted this and never bothered to actually ask his ride-or-die about the supposedly epic betrayal.

Cam had been everyone’s target all week, so he probably knew it would be him hitting the bricks if the vote came down to it. So, when it came time for the Power of Veto comp, Cam putting his heart and soul into it and snagged a victory.

Understandably, Cam took himself off the chopping block, disappointing Jared. However, Jared instead put Jag back up, trying tom convince Jag that he wasn’t the real target (even though he now was, it’s sort of Jared’s whole thing). This was also a plan Cirie fully endorsed, since Jag has some dirt on her, and is likely looking for revenge.

However, in the hours leading up to the live eviction vote, a fear rose up that Cameron and Red might be close to rekindling their friendship — which is apparently something to worry about, because they are a dynamic duo, apparently? Whether the perceived threat was credible or not, it got Cirie and her cohorts worried. Suddenly, the question became whether or not Jag was a bigger danger than a Red/Cam re-team.

Which brings us to Thursday’s live eviction night!

Jag and Red both took their places on the bench of jeopardy (if it’s not actually called that, it should be, and I would like to trademark it). Both delivered equally genuine, appreciative speeches trying to convince the others they should stay.

For Red, he feels they’ve become family, and wants to keep playing. For Jag, he feels he wants to keep playing, because they are now a family — and he owes someone a cooked meal.

It truly felt like both of them knew that the vote was already decided and that they wouldn’t likely sway anyone with their words — although they didn’t know who would be getting the axe.

However, for the first time this season, the vote was finally not unanimous! Cameron and Bowie Jane Ball both voted for Jag to go!

However, everyone else voted to oust Red — whom Cameron is still very devoted to — sealing his fate.

The biggest surprise, however, came at the end of the night after a cringey Head of Household competition involving guessing whether footage of contestants farting was real or fake (look, not every comp can be winner). 

Regardless of what was involved in the challenge, it was Cameron who came out the victor — meaning he’s now Head of Household for the second time this season, and is likely out for blood.

To make matters more awkward, however, host Julie Chen Moonves had one final twist up her sleeve: for the entire next week, everyone except Cam is now a “have-not,” meaning they will be eating slop and sleeping in uncomfortable quarters while Cam luxuriates in the HOH suite. He’s likely not going to make too many new friends this way.

New episodes of Big Brother air Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT and Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.


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