NEW DELHI: In the first substantive statement on the Israel-Palestine conflict, Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge on Thursday slammed the indiscriminate bombing of the hospital in Gaza and sought that the perpetrators be held accountable, even as he demanded the creation of a sovereign Palestine. Kharge also condemned Israel’s bombing of civilian areas of Gaza and slammed Hamas for attacking Israel.
Rahul Gandhi wrote on X, “The killing of thousands of innocent civilians, including children in Gaza and the collective punishment of millions of people by cutting off their food, water and electricity are crimes against humanity. Hamas’ killing of innocent Israelis and taking of hostages is a crime and must also be condemned. The cycle of violence between Israel and Palestine must be brought to an end.”
The remarks were significant for Congress naming Hamas for the first time since the war broke out. The issue also figured in the CWC meet last week, where a senior leader lamented that the traditional party support for Palestine had weakened, only to be told empathy for Palestine did not mean support for Hamas. With a dispute arising over the hospital bombing, Kharge and Rahul did not name Israel upfront as the perpetrator, but implied it enough.

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