Bose has today launched three brand-new models in its acclaimed QuietComfort series of headphones. Despite the fact that they remain well-regarded and competitive, the QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, the QuietComfort Earbuds II and the QuietComfort 45 are no more. Say hello to the QuietComfort Ultra Headphones, the QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds and, um, the QuietComfort Headphones. 

Each new pair of headphones feature Bose’s brand-new ‘Immersive Audio’ technology. This is a variation on the established ‘spatial audio theme’. Bose has deployed Inertial Measurement Units along with some proprietary digital signal processing software in an effort to conjure a ‘layered’ and ‘multi-dimensional’ effect from any old source material. The company suggests that rather than presenting music as extremely close ‘left’ and ‘right’ channels, ‘Immersive Audio’ lays a recording out to sound as if it’s in front of you. ‘Still’ and ‘motion’ modes mean sound should either remain in a fixed position or respond to your movements.

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