Graphic CCTV footage has emerged of the moment a notorious gangland figure was gunned down while eating at a Melbourne cafe on Saturday morning.

A man, believed to be Gavin ‘Capable’ Preston, was shot up to ten times in an ambush attack at Sweet Lulu’s cafe in Keilor East, 20 km northwest of Melbourne’s CBD about 10.20am.

A second man injured in the shooting is undergoing surgery in hospital.

Police are on the hunt for two suspected gunmen. No arrests have yet been made.

Victoria Police Acting Superintendent Mark Hatt said the shooting was believed to be linked to organised crime.

Police are now hunting two men dressed in black who fled the scene in a black Audi SUV, which was found dumped soon after on Blair Court, also in Keilor.

CCTV footage

Mr Hatt said it was likely a second vehicle was then used.

“We‘ll do absolutely everything we possibly can to ensure no further acts like this occur,” he said.

“I can reassure the public that we believe that this was a targeted attack.”

Video footage of what is believed to be the hit has now begun circulating online.

On the CCTV imagery two men dressed in black can be seen on outside tables at the cafe, with other people enjoying their Saturday mornings around them.

Preston is believed to have his back to the camera while Abbas Maghnie Junior, known as AJ, is more clearly visible in the silent clip.

Taking a sip from his coffee, the Maghnie notices something which at that moment is out of shot. He then flees.

Moments later, a man dressed head to toe in black enters the frame. Several shots are fired towards the cafe.

Preston seems to be hit and slumps before falling to the ground. Other diners scatter and either cover their heads or hide under tables, chairs falling around them, as the gunman runs off.

Several people than attended to the motionless Preston before the video ends.

Writing on Facebook, someone claiming to be an eyewitness said they had seen paramedics attempting to revive someone at the scene.

“This is absolutely terrifying. I hope members of the community were not harmed in this incident! Such a busy and popular local cafe too!” one member of a Keilor community group posted.

The Herald Sun has reported that Preston was released from jail earlier this year after serving 11 years for the 2012 shooting of drug dealer Adam Khoury in North Melbourne.

During his time in jail, the infamous criminal identity was the victim of a stabbing which nearly cost him his life.

The shocking killing continues a weekend of carnage in the Victorian capital, after a car ploughed into five people in Melbourne’s CBD on Friday evening, killing one.

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