NEW DELHI: Former cricketers’ reactions to Virat Kohli‘s controversial dismissal reflect a stark division of opinions within the fraternity. While some veterans criticised the decision, citing inconsistencies in the umpiring, others defended the call, highlighting the need to respect on-field decisions.
Star RCB batter Kohli engaged in a heated exchange with the on-field umpires, venting his frustration over his dismissal.Visibly angered, he expressed his discontent before storming off the field.KKR fast bowler Harshit Rana’s delivery, a slow full toss, rose to an awkward height as Kohli attempted to evade it before trying to defend. Unfortunately, he ended up getting a leading top edge towards the bowler. Kohli swiftly signaled for a review, but it was already under the umpire’s scrutiny.
Expressing evident displeasure, Kohli made his way back to the pavilion as the TV umpire adjudged him out. Notably, he was out of the batting crease when he made contact. Furthermore, Hawk-Eye’s trajectory indicated that the delivery was below waist height.

Taking cognisance of the situation, former India opener Navjot Singh Sidhu couldn’t stop himself on-air, during commentary, and spoke his heart out in his inimitable style stating, “You want to get Virat Kohli out throwing a beamer and want me to welcome it, not at all. ‘Chaati thok ke kehta hun’ he was not out and this is not good for the spirit of the game. If a law is bad, it has to be changed with time.”

Former South African cricketer AB de Villiers also came out in support of Kohli, with a post on social media platform X, saying that the grey areas in the game open up room for anger and can be easily fixed.
“Grey areas in the game open up room for anger and confusion. It’s not a tough fix this. Get the batter’s stance, draw the lines and use ball tracking. No confusion whatsoever,” De Villiers’ post read.

On the other hand, former Indian allrounder-turned commentator Irfan Pathan, known for his candid opinions, weighed in on Kohli’s controversial dismissal with astute observation.
Expressing his views succinctly through his social media post on ‘X’, Pathan put an end to all the speculations stating: “It was a legal ball”.

The diverse array of perspectives showcases the complexity of cricketing judgements and the subjectivity inherent in officiating. This controversy has sparked lively debates among fans and experts alike, underscoring the passion and scrutiny surrounding the sport at the highest level.

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