NEW DELHI: In the middle of the high-scoring clashes of the Indian Premier League 2024, suggestions have emerged from former cricketers to switch the ball manufacturer to help bowlers. The idea is to introduce the Duke ball, known for its seam and ability to move laterally.
During a time when bowlers are under heavy assault in the IPL, Gautam Gambhir, mentor of Kolkata Knight Riders and a former T20 World Cup winner with India, has proposed some recommendations.On the debut episode of the podcast, 180 Not Out, Gambhir questioned the necessity of exclusively using Kookaburra balls.

“If a manufacturer cannot produce a ball which can last for 50 overs, might as well change the manufacturer. There’s nothing wrong with changing the manufacturer. What is this compulsion with only using the Kookaburra?,” Gambhir said.

Commentator Harsha Bhogle also joined the debate, advocating for the use of Duke balls to aid bowlers in T20 cricket.
In a tweet, Bhogle emphasized the need for a balance between bat and ball, especially when pitches do not favour bowlers.

“I will reiterate this. We need greater balance between bat and ball and in a situation where the pitches aren’t helping, the ball must do more in the air. How about a Duke ball, a ball with a more pronounced seam, that allows more lateral movement and ensures batters can’t just hit through the line at will. Love to hear expert opinions on this,” Bhogle expressed on social media.

During the 2024 IPL season, bowlers have faced unprecedented challenges as batsmen dominate, effortlessly going close and sometimes chasing down totals exceeding 200 with remarkable ease.
Several suggestions have come forth as cricket analysts seek ways to provide bowlers with a fair chance in the game, ensuring a more balanced and competitive T20 format.

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