HYDERABAD: Syeda Zaidi, the woman from Hyderabad who was found homeless and living on the streets in Chicago has continued to refuse help to be sent home to India.
The Indian Embassy in Chicago had taken the initiative to assist the woman following a plea of her mother and family in India.

“We have repeatedly offered all support to Syeda Zaidi for her return to India. She is yet to respond positively,” the Indian Embassy in Chicago said on September 11. This was in response to a letter from Mohammed Rahim Khan, the president of Act Public Welfare Foundation, in Hyderabad, who through social media had made a request to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) to help Zaidi.
Syeda Lulu Minhaj Zaidi had travelled to the US to pursue a master’s degree in Trine University, Detroit.
Earlier on July 22, MBT leader and social worker Amjed Ullah Khan had brought to the notice of the MEA the condition of Syeda Zaidi in Chicago. Two Hyderabadi youth had found her moving on the streets in Chicago and when they had enquired about her, she gave her name and revealed that she hailed from Hyderabad.
Khan also got her mother Syeda Wahaj Fatima in Hyderabad to speak to her through video call, but Zaidi showed disinterest in returning to India.
She appeared to be mentally disturbed and refused any help from social workers and the authorities.
Khan said that Zaidi’s mother and aunt in Hyderabad had applied for a US visa to travel to Chicago and meet Zaidi.

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