Urgent track repair work at Sydney’s bustling Central Station is throwing Thursday’s afternoon commute into chaos.

One commuter, live-tweeting her experience just after 3pm, said the city’s T4 train line was in chaos.

“I never live tweet transport issues but wtffff is the issue with the T4?” she said.

“Bro I have been on this train for like an hour already, I’ve only moved like 2 stations.”

Another commuter said the commute had become a “shocker.”

“All trains backed up in the city loop,” he said.

The T4, also known as the Eastern Suburbs and Illawarra line, is a major part of the city’s network.

It serves the southeastern suburbs of Sydney, extending from Bondi Junction in the east to Cronulla in the south.

The line runs through Central Station where it connects with multiple other train lines.

Just before 3pm, T4 Sydney Trains posted to social media commuters should allow for “extra travel time” due to urgent track repairs at Central.

“Stops may change at short notice and some trains may run via the City Circle,” the service stated.

“Listen for announcements, and check information screens or transport apps before getting on trains.”

In a post from 3.20pm, the service said it did not have an ETA for repairs to be completed and for trains to run again between Central and Bondi Junction.

“Crews are on site at Central and we’ll post an update as soon as we know more.”

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