The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne addressed her recent feud with her former co-star, Denise Richards, after the actress called her “one evil woman” during the season 13 trailer. 

In an exclusive interview with ET’s Brice Sander at BravoCon in Las Vegas, the 52-year-old performer revealed that she believes she was merely finishing a dispute that Denise had instigated.

“I want you to remember that she picked a fight. Denise Richards picked the fight, and I ended the fight. So, she can call me evil. I’ve been called worse by better people,” she said.

Last month, ET had the exclusive first look at Bravo’s return to Beverly Hills. In the season 13 trailer, Denise makes an appearance and she and Erika get into it.

“Did you know that it’s seven dollars for a naked bundle of Denise Richards on OnlyFans?” Erika brings up at one dinner, sparking a new feud with the actress.  

“You think I’m not going to go as low as I f**king can?!” Erika later hisses at her former castmate. 

“You’re one evil woman,” Denise tells her.

“I am,” Erika replies.

Erika also makes it clear that she has set a firm boundary when it comes to discussing other Bravo stars’ relationships, saying, “I already told everybody, ‘Do not ask me to do anything like that. I’m not doing it.'”

In the premiere of RHOBH season 13, Erika had to confront her co-star Dorit Kemsley, who was hurt and disappointed by Erika’s speculations at the previous year’s BravoCon about Dorit and her husband Paul “PK” Kemsley’s marriage. 


Dorit described Erika’s comments as “mean-spirited.” Erika offered an apology, explaining that she had been put in a difficult spot with a shady question, and she had provided a shady answer, emphasizing that it was all part of the show.

During the interview, Erika shared her thoughts on Dorit’s impersonation of her. She acknowledged the effort put into the impersonation, saying, “I mean, it’s good. You gotta give it to her. I’m sure she worked very hard on it.”

In recent weeks, reports suggested that Dorit and PK were separating. In a joint statement to ET, the reality TV stars vehemently denied persistent rumors of their separation. The couple, who have been married for eight years, confirmed that despite enduring some challenging years, their marriage remains intact and strong. They revealed that these challenges will be openly discussed in the upcoming season 13 of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

“We remain committed to working through these issues as a united couple for our family,” the Kemsleys stated in their joint message. “We have not separated nor are we planning to do so. Rather, we are focused on healing, making changes, and doing the things that many couples have to do at some point in their marriage.”

The couple also reached out to their fans, asking for their understanding and support. “We would be grateful for everyone’s understanding,” their statement read. “We are doing what we can to focus on the best interests of our family, as opposed to spending our time contending with rumors and hearsay that are not true.”

The message was signed, “Love, Dorit and PK.”


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