NEW DELHI: On a trip to Europe, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday said his exchange with European parliamentarians included informing them about the attacks on India’s democratic foundations by the groups in power, and “they appeared very concerned”.
At a press conference in Brussels, Rahul said he told the members of the European Parliament about the types of challenges India is facing — on the economic front and the general attacks on democratic institutions.
“There is an attempt to change the nature of our country. Our country is described as a union of states, and we believe that the most critical aspect of our union is the conversation between its members. This is the fight between Mahatma Gandhi’s vision and Nathuram Godse’s vision. BJP believes that power should be centralised, wealth needs to be concentrated and conversation between the people of India should be suppressed,” he said.
While the members of the European Parliament were “very concerned and felt there is an attempt to stifle the democratic structures of India”, Rahul said. “The fight for democracy in India is our responsibility, and we will take care of it.
The opposition will make sure that the onslaught on our institutions and freedom stops,” he added.
The Congress leader said the G20 summit is an important event and expressed happiness that India is hosting it under its presidency.
To a question, Rahul said China has proposed a particular vision of the planet, like the idea of “belt and road”, but “I don’t see an alternative vision coming from our side. The challenge is: Can we provide an alternative vision where we do production under democratic conditions with political and economic freedom?”
Rahul slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for creating “diversions” in the wake of the challenges being posed by the opposition and the controversy over crony capitalism and Adani revelations. He cited the debate over renaming of the country as an instance of diversion.

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