Nima Denzongpa actress Bhairavi Vaidya passed away on October 8 at the age of 67. As per the reports the actress had been suffering from cancer for the past 6-7 months. However, there weren’t any further details about her sad demise and funeral.

In an exclusive conversation with ETimes TV, Bhairavi’s co-stars Nishi Saxena and Surabhi Dasfrom the show Nima Denzongpa expressed their pain of coming to terms with the sad news.

Bhairavi’s social media posts with the cast unveil that they shared a loving bond while the show was on.

Surabhi Das: Nima Denzongpa saved me from the financial struggle in Mumbai

Nishi Saxena is currently playing Dimpy in Anupamaa, she played Bhairavi’s granddaughter in the show. Nishi said, “Bhairaviji was very close to me. It was such a shock when I came to know that she was not in this world anymore. She played my dadi in my last show Nima Denzongpa. I remember how we used to book the same cab for Naigaon. Our shoot was there and we used to travel together. We had so much fun in the cab rides, we used to also meet at Tiwari Jis in Juhu and other spots. It feels like yesterday that I went to her home in Ganpati and now she is not here with us. I just pray wherever she is, she is happy and may her soul rest in peace. Yes, it is still a shock and we are still processing it.”

Surabhi Das who played Nima Denzongpa in the show, Bhairavi had been her co-star after the leap. Surabhi was extremely sad about the news, she shared, “I’m really saddened to hear about the demise of our beloved Bhairavi Ji. May her soul rest in peace. We had a lovely time shooting with her, I still remember all the happy moments we shared on set. My prayers for the family.

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