Samar aka Sagar Parekh recently made an exit from Anupamaa. Ever since he left the show, fans have been constantly asking about the actual reason behind his exit. In an exclusive conversation with ETimes TV, Sagar revealed what was the reason behind his exit from the show.

It becomes difficult to run the No. 1 show past 1000 episodes

I have got at least 100-150 calls regarding the same question. A lot of messages on social media for 2-3 months asking me the same question.The show doesn’t work on the strategy of whether you are supposed to kill a character or not. The story keeps revolving around new topics. Anupamaa recently completed 1000 episodes and the makers have to keep bringing new content for the viewers who are demanding something new every week. It becomes a lot more difficult to run the No. 1 show past 1000 episodes.

The reason was the storyline and dropping TRP

For 3 years the show was continuously on the top, I don’t blame anyone for my exit. The only reason for my exit is the dropping of TRP, it is the most deadly thing any maker would fear. There was no story, we had to shake up the audience. The channel had this strategy, in recent months every show had an element to shake up the audience. With Anupamaa, it turned into a shocker. We were expecting that there would be a twist ahead but didn’t know that Samar would exit from the show, but we were very well prepared for the twist.

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Anupamaa was surely life-changing

I am an actor who would support the storyline if the exit supports the story very well and is executed beautifully, which we did, then I would surely go ahead with it. Rajan sir is the mastermind and if he has said that something would happen like this then it will happen for sure. There is nothing to feel bad about, he is the one who makes everyone a star. I had done a good amount of work before this, but Anupamaa was surely life-changing.

It’s the life of an actor

What mattered the most was how the team had put the same amount of effort for someone who had come midway. I believe because of Anupamaa, I got an opportunity to showcase my talent. There is no drama about it, it was only because of the TRP and the change in storyline. It’s the life of an actor though.

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