The G20 Parliamentary Speakers‘ Summit (P20) on Friday adopted a joint statement materially in sync with the G20 New Delhi leaders’ declaration as it condemned “terrorism in all its forms and manifestations” and pledged to play a role in combating the menace. It also asserted the essential role of Parliaments for effective implementation of various goals concerning issues ranging from climate change to food and energy security.
“In the light of our legislative, budgetary and oversight functions, we pledge to play our role in combating terrorism & violent extremism,” said the statement of the Presiding Officers of Parliaments of G20 nations, adopted under Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla‘s chairmanship at Yashobhoomi convention centre. Although the joint statement was adopted with consensus, sources said Indonesia supported by a couple of other countries initially during one of the working sessions suggested inclusion of references on Israel’s attack on Gaza in the text. However, it was not part of the final joint statement.
Taking note of the concern over under-representation of women in national Parliaments globally, the joint statement of parliamentarians specifically welcomed the adoption of the women’s reservation bill by Indian Parliament last month.

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