NEW DELHI: ‘Bharat‘, seemingly Modi government’s favoured nomenclature for the country, made another appearance in the international arena, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi using it at the meeting of G20 countries.
The country nameplate in front of the PM read ‘Bharat’ as he made his opening remarks, in what marked arguably the Sanskritic term’s grand arrival in the global arena as the signifier for the country.
The government, in fact, seems to be favouring international events to promote ‘Bharat’. While its intent was amplified when President Droupadi Murmu’s dinner invite to G20 delegates introduced her as the ‘President of Bharat‘, it turned out that the government had used ‘Prime Minister of Bharat’ as Modi’s job title during the Johannesburg meet of Brics countries.
The same description was used again when the PM visited Indonesia for the East Asia summit.
‘Bharat’ has also been used in a G20 booklet meant for foreign delegates, titled ‘Bharat, The Mother Of Democracy’, which said, “Bharat is the official name of the country. It is mentioned in the Constitution as also in the reports of the Constituent Assembly.” Badges worn by officials read ‘Bharat Official’.
The move to elevate ‘Bharat’ has led to enthusiastic celebrations in BJP circles but has left opposition parties miffed. Congress and others have linked it to BJP’s alleged jitters over their decision to name their front INDIA.
Last week, the PM had asked his ministerial colleagues to exercise restraint in the face of opposition to the use of ‘Bharat’. The prominence showered on ‘Bharat’ at the G20 meeting showed that the advice had only to do with tactics, and that the government was not going back on what appears to be a well-thought-out plan.

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