US President Joe Biden has emphasized the importance of addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, asserting that it was a top priority. Speaking in Philadelphia on Friday, he acknowledged that the vast majority of Palestinians were unrelated to Hamas and its horrific attacks, yet they too suffered as a consequence.
Biden reiterated his unwavering support for Israel, characterizing the recent Hamas attack as “pure evil.” Hamas, the militant group in control of Gaza, makes the terrorist group al-Qaida “look pure,” Biden said in his speech.

US President Joe Biden warns those hostile to Israel: ‘World is watching’

The US President underscored the United States’ commitment to providing Israel with necessary resources for defense and response.
“Our teams are working in the region – including communicating directly with the governments of Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and other Arab nations and the United Nations – to surge support,” Biden told reporters
He expressed deep concern for the humanitarian situation in Gaza, outlining ongoing efforts by US teams to engage with governments of Israel, Egypt, Jordan, other Arab nations, and the United Nations to bolster support.
Biden revealed his conversation with families of Americans held hostage by Hamas, empathizing with their anguish and uncertainty about the well-being of their loved ones. He pledged relentless efforts, collaborating closely with Israel and regional partners, to ensure the safe return of these Americans, emphasizing the determination to bring them home.

‘Leave Gaza in 24 Hours’: IDF Issues Ultimatum as Israel Prepares for Final Attack on Hamas

Meanwhile, thousands of Palestinians on Saturday sought refuge in southern Gaza following warnings from Israel to evacuate before an anticipated ground offensive against Hamas in response to the deadliest attack in Israel’s history.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cautioned that the intense week-long bombardment was merely the initial phase, indicating Israel’s determination to retaliate against Hamas after their fighters caused the death of over 1,300 people a week earlier.
Israeli ground forces conducted “localised” raids into Gaza within the past 24 hours, aiming to clear the area of terrorists and weaponry while searching for “missing persons,” as stated by the army.
The attack, in which militant fighters breached the heavily fortified border into Israel the previous Saturday, resulted in the deaths of mostly civilians, drawing comparisons to the 9/11 attacks in the United States.
According to the health ministry, at least 1,900 Gazans, the majority of whom were civilians, including over 600 children, have been killed in missile strikes on the densely populated enclave.
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