CHANDIGARH: The Haryana government has taken action by suspending the principal of a senior secondary girls’ school, following the intervention of the Prime Minister’s Office, in connection with an alleged molestation case in Uchana town, located in Haryana’s Jind district.
The Uchana Kalan constituency is represented by Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala, and it was there that a group of girls wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, detailing allegations of sexual exploitation by the school principal involving several underage girls.
Officials have confirmed that the Prime Minister’s Office, the Women’s Commission, the Education Department, and local authorities are actively investigating the matter, with further action to be determined once the final reports are available.
In a five-page letter dated August 31, 2023, addressed to the Chief Justice of India (CJI), the President of India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Governor, the Education Minister, and others, a group of girls made disturbing allegations. They claimed that “the accused molested more than 10 girls, resulting in many dropping out of school out of fear of sexual exploitation. The principal has a questionable character and has been transferred multiple times in the past due to molestation complaints filed by girls in his previous schools. These facts should be verified. A female teacher at the school is involved with the accused in the crimes and was known for her association with him. The accused has obscured his glass office door with black paint, making it impossible to see from the outside, while he could observe the movements outside while sitting at his desk. He would call a selected girl into his office, close to his chair, and touch her inappropriately. He would divert attention by asking the victim girl to stand at a distance when someone visited his office.”
The principal would allegedly blackmail girls by threatening to fail them in practical exams or pass them in exams. Furthermore, he would intimidate the girls by saying that he would inform their parents that they were leaving school to meet their boyfriends, which would lead to their expulsion from school.
“We are writing this letter anonymously as the accused may harm us if he learns of our identities. This matter should be investigated by higher authorities in Chandigarh and Delhi. Girls from this school should be interviewed separately during the investigation, and no local teachers or staff members should be involved in the process. The girls will reveal the true nature and story of this unscrupulous principal. We have faced similar situations in his office on two occasions, and he threatened to file false complaints with our parents if we did not comply. When we confided in other teachers, they advised us to remain silent about the issue. Now, prompt and just action must be taken in this matter,” the letter stated.
Speaking to TOI (Times of India), Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) Harish Vashisth explained that several teams are actively investigating the case, including the PMO, the Women’s Commission, the Education Department, and district officials. The accused has been suspended, and a final decision will be made upon the completion of the inquiry. Higher authorities will determine the next steps, which may involve termination or legal proceedings in this matter. A report will be submitted soon, he added.
(The victims’ identity has not been revealed to protect her privacy as per Supreme Court directives on cases related to sexual assault)

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