JAIPUR: A 33-year-old Norwegian national leapt from a hotel’s balcony in a moment of confusion on Thursday-Friday night after mistaking the Janmashtami firecrackers for a potential incident of gun violence. DCP (East) Gyan Chandra Yadav said that preliminary probe suggests that the tourist identified as Noe Finn Vetle was under the influence of ‘bhang‘ on Thursday.
He was staying on the third floor of a hotel in Vivek Vihar, under the Jawahar Circle police station area, when celebrations erupted in nearby temples shortly after midnight on the occasion of Janmashtami. “In a moment of confusion, he (Vetle) mistook the festive firecrackers for a potentially dangerous gunfire incident, and the chants of devotees for distress screams and cries for help. He came out of his room, and after pacing about for a few minutes, he leaped out of the balcony’s window,” said.
At approximately 12.30am on Friday, a group of police officials stationed at the Hare Krishna Temple in Jagatpura, tasked with overseeing the crowd of nearly one lakh devotees, received radio reports that the Jawahar Circle Police Station staff was responding to a foreign national discovered lying on the street outside a hotel.
The police were anxious about the situation due to the G20 event, which could have led to embarrassment, so the officials also quickly rushed to the scene. “The confusion escalated when some locals reported that the tourist was screaming incoherent words such as ‘fire’ and ‘help’,” added an official. He was taken to Jaipuria Hospital, where he is presently receiving treatment for injuries, including a fractured hand. However, Yadav mentioned that the tourist’s condition is reported as stable.
The police also conducted an examination of the scene to search for potential evidence of gunfire but found none. After speaking with the tourist and reviewing CCTV footage, they discovered that a large number of firecrackers had been lit up at midnight.
“We have also informed the Norway embassy about the situation,” Yadav said.
The police said that Vetle had come to India about three months ago to attend yoga sessions and is a resident of Namsos in Norway.

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