NEW DELHI: Hundreds of people entered the main airport in Russia‘s Dagestan region on Sunday and went onto the landing field to protest the arrival of an airplane from Tel Aviv, Israel.
This incident was reported by Russian news agencies and on social media.
As a result of the protest, the airport in Makhachkala, which is the capital of this mainly Muslim region, had to be closed, and the police were called to the scene.

As of now, there are no immediate reports of injuries or arrests.
According to Russian news, the crowd at the airport was heard shouting anti semitic slogans and tried to approach the airplane, which was operated by the Russian carrier Red Wings and had arrived from Tel Aviv.
Videos shared on social media showed some of the people in the crowd holding Palestinian flags
A statement by the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem said the Israeli ambassador in Moscow was working with Russian authorities. “The State of Israel views gravely attempts to harm Israelis citizens and Jews anywhere,” the statement said.
“Israel expects the Russian law enforcement authorities to safeguard all Israeli citizens and Jews, whoever they may be, and to take robust action against the rioters and against the unbridled incitement being directed at Jews and Israelis,” the Foreign Ministry statement said.

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