NEW DELHI: When Delhi Police stopped a motorbike near Subhash Place to check its documents, they did not know they would catch Doraemon and Nobita.
No, not that Doraemon and Nobita of the Japanese manga series. Doraemon is Dharmendra, a 25-year-old school dropout who is involved in drugs, from Shalimar Bagh. Nobita is Mohit, Dharmendra’s 20-year-old sidekick, also from the same place and with a similar school and drug trajectory. In the manga series Nobita is a boy, who is well-meaning but lazy, and needs Doraemon’s special tools to rescue him often.
Dharmendra earned the nickname Doraemon – the robotic cat from the future in the manga series – because of his short, stubby stature, his unassuming appearance and his ability to steal from almost any pocket, almost anything under any circumstances, somewhat like the manga cat could produce anything from its magic purse.
A police officer described Dharmendra as “unobtrusive and inconspicuous in appearance, with nondescript attire that blends easily into a crowd”. Police said the duo often worked in crowded areas such as bustling markets, public transport or tourist hotspots while keeping a pocket knife in case they needed to scare potential victims.
Dharmendra had their fingerprints in at least seven thefts. However, for months they ducked under the radar of the law, till the random picket check near Subhash Place on October 13.
Early every morning, the duo would leave home on a stolen bike and pick the pockets of people on Delhi’s roads throughout the day. In a sense, it is the stolen bike that got them into trouble with the police.
On Friday night, police while on their regular patrolling duty, spotted two youths on a bike. The police were stopping two-wheelers to check for documents. The two – who turned out to be Dharmendra and Mohit – had no documents for the bike they were on because it was stolen. They were also not wearing helmets.
When they were stopped, they turned the bike around and tried to flee. Some of the police officers decided to give them a chase, and they were caught.
“When they were frisked, two stolen mobile phones and a knife were found on them. Even the motorbike they were riding was found to be stolen from a neighbourhood in Subhash Place,” Jitendra Kr Meena, DCP (north-west), said.
A case has been registered against the two under relevant sections of theft under the IPC and the Arms Acts. Further probe is under way, the police added.
“Dharmendra is wanted in seven cases of snatching, robbery and theft. We are checking the antecedents of the other youth,” an officer said.

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