The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) shared a video where an F-35I fighter jet intercepted cruise missile launched by the Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen towards Israel on Tuesday, the Times of Israel reported.
The IDF calls it a “cruise missile,” but the Houthi rebels claim they launched both ballistic missiles and drones towards Israel.
“In recent days, a cruise missile launched from the southeast toward Israeli airspace was detected by the IAF’s control and detection systems.After tracking the cruise missile’s trajectory, Adir fighter jets were scrambled and successfully intercepted the missile,” the IDF , while releasing video of the incident.
Israel’s F-35 fighter jets became fully ready for action in 2017, and they were used in real combat for the first time in 2018. Israel decided to purchase 25 more of these advanced aircraft in July. In the future, Israel plans to have a total of 75 of these state-of-the-art planes.
The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) also made history by being the first to use an F-35 to shoot down two drones in March 2021. The drones were allegedly launched from Iran.
The military also shared a video of the Arrow missile defense system stopping a Houthi ballistic missile, which seemed to be headed for the southern city of Eilat, on the same Tuesday.

The IDF has intercepted various objects, likely drones launched from Yemen, over the Red Sea in the past few days. Additionally, they have deployed Navy missile ships to strengthen the defense in the area, according to Times of Israel.

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