With Delhi NCR experiencing rising pollution levels, car air purifiershave become increasingly popular as a potential solution to improve in-car air quality. However, amidst their growing popularity, there are several myths that need to be busted as the consumers need to make informed decisions and understand the actual capabilities of these devices.
Car air purifiers eliminate all pollutants
While car air purifiers are significantly helpful in reducing particulate matter and certain airborne contaminants inside the cabin, it is worth noting that they cannot completely eliminate all harmful pollutants, especially in heavily polluted areas such as Delhi-NCR and amid traffic congestion.

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Car air purifiers are expensive and difficult to maintain
Car air purifiers are relatively affordable, and most are very easy to maintain. Many purifiers have filters that can be replaced easily and inexpensively. It is crucial to replace the filters timely in order to maintain the optimum performances of these devices.
Car air purifiers instantly improve air quality
Although air purifiers can swiftly reduce some pollutants, their effectiveness depends on factors like the device’s technology (there are several types of purifiers available in the market) and the severity of pollution. All purifiers are not built the same and depending on what you’ve installed or have got pre-installed , it may take some time for the purifier to filter the air and achieve a noticeable difference in air quality.
Car air purifiers remove all bad smell
While some purifiers have odour-eliminating filters, not all models can completely eliminate all types of smells. For example, a purifier may be able to remove cigarette smoke from the car, but it may not be able to eliminate the smell of petrol or diesel fumes.

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