NEW DELHI: During an interview with an Arab news channel, senior Hamas official Ali Baraka has disclosed that only a handful of Hamas leaders were aware of the organization’s plan before the massacre of Israelis last Saturday. Baraka explained that Hamas had deliberately projected a ‘rational’ image to the world, focusing on governing Gaza while secretly plotting the massive attack that thrust the region back into war, the Daily Mail reported on Wednesday.
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“Of course. We made them think that Hamas was busy with governing Gaza, and it has abandoned the resistance all together. All while under the table, Hamas was preparing for this big attack,” Baraka readily admitted, the Daily Mail report said.
Hamas’ strategic placement of headquarters in civilian areas, including hospitals and residential neighborhoods, aims to maximize civilian casualties in retaliatory attacks. Despite warnings from the Israeli military urging Gazans to evacuate, Hamas instructed civilians to stay put, adding to the rising tensions in the region.
Baraka also discussed the militant group’s stance on human life, emphasizing their willingness to sacrifice themselves and viewing their dead as martyrs. He reiterated Russia’s sympathy towards their cause, asserting that Russia is content with America’s entanglement in Palestine as it eases pressure on Russian forces in Ukraine. According to Baraka, Iran remains Hamas’ primary political and financial supporter, and the organization plans to expand the conflict, forcing Israel to defend itself in both the South and the North.

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The recent coordinated attack by Iran-backed Palestinian terrorists resulted in the loss of 1,200 Israeli lives, with horrifying reports of rape, burning alive, and beheading by Hamas agents. Amidst the conflict, Gaza’s residents faced growing uncertainty as the territory’s sole power plant shut down due to fuel shortages. Israeli airstrikes devastated entire neighborhoods, displacing countless people and intensifying the escalation of the war.
Prime Minister Netanyahu vowed to eradicate every Hamas agent, emphasizing the enduring impact of Israel’s retaliation on Gaza. On Wednesday, Netanyahu and a prominent political rival joined forces to form a wartime Cabinet, tasked with overseeing the response to the horrific weekend attack orchestrated by Hamas militants. In the isolated Gaza Strip, Palestinian suffering intensified as Israeli airstrikes leveled neighborhoods, and the region’s sole power plant ran out of fuel.

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Netanyahu made a televised address, vowing to “crush and destroy” Hamas, declaring, “Every Hamas member is a dead man.”
The formation of this new Cabinet signifies a rare moment of unity amidst years of divisive politics, especially at a time when the Israeli military is increasingly considering a ground offensive in Gaza. The conflict has already claimed the lives of at least 2,300 people on both sides.
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