KOCHI: Maryan Apparel, which has been making uniforms for Israel’s police and prison officials at its unit in Koothuparamba, Kannur, since 2015, has decided not to accept any new order from the West Asian nation until the conflict ends, due to “moral reasons”.
Company’s managing director Thomas Olickal said they felt it was not right to take new orders when a war was on.
He, however, added the company had no political leanings on the subject, and they were ready to take Israel’s orders again once the war was over. He also said all existing orders would be delivered promptly.
“We took the decision after seeing reports on the war, especially the one on the deaths of women and children at a hospital in Gaza which caused us severe pain. Although both sides are denying their roles in it, we thought it is better on our part not to have a direct or indirect connection with it. We are stopping the business agreement only till the war is over as it’s a moral responsibility. We don’t have any affinity towards either side. If Palestine gives us an order now, we won’t take that either,” he said.
The company was providing three coloured shirts dark navy, sky blue and light green to different sections of the Israeli police force apart from uniforms for prison personnel. It was also given an order for 12,000 pieces of stretchable olive-green pants for training purposes.
“All previous orders will be intact, and we will deliver them promptly. The production of fabric for their training uniforms is going on now. We will complete the work by November-December and deliver it as per their order,” he said.
Olickal said that after the Hamas attack, Israeli authorities had informed them that they would need more quantity.
“We are not at all anti-Israel. We don’t have any such politics. We have no problem in continuing to associate with Israeli authorities once the war is over. We have a very good relationship with them, and we believe they would accept our decision. We are only letting them know our sentiments,” he said.
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