NEW DELHI: A New York Times writer opted to sign out from the company after violating newsroom policy by signing an open letter accusing Israel of ‘genocide‘ against Palestinians.
Jazmine Hughes, a staff writer for New York Times Magazine, resigned from her position on Friday, as per The New York Post.
Regarding her resignation, magazine editor Jake Silverstein said, “While I respect that she has strong convictions, this was a clear violation of The Times’s policy on public protest.” She further stated that this policy is an important part of employees’ commitment to independence.
“She and I discussed that her desire to stake out this kind of public position and join in public protests isn’t compatible with being a journalist at The Times, and we both came to the conclusion that she should resign,” Silverstein continued.
Earlier this week Hughes signed a letter from “Writers Against the War on Gaza” which openly blamed Israel for the deaths of their own people in an October 7 terrorist attack by Hamas, which left roughly 1,400 dead.
It seems that the Israel-Gaza war has imposed some restrictions on the freedom of expression. The war has forced many institutions to contend with members who feel strongly about the conflict, which involves a long history of Israeli occupation and deadly military reprisals on Palestinian territory, as per The Washington Post.
“We stand with their anticolonial struggle for freedom and for self-determination, and with their right to resist occupation,” the letter read, in an endorsement of Hamas barbarism.
According to the New York Post, the letter publicly blasted the New York Times Editorial Board for defending Israel’s right to “defend … a society that values human life and the rule of law.”
We condemn those in our industries who continue to enable apartheid and genocide. We cannot write a free Palestine into existence, but together we must do all we possibly can to reject narratives that soothe Western complicity in ethnic cleansing,” the letter read, spouting additional Pro-Hamas talking points.
The writer, Hughes, has won a string of accolades while working as a writer and editor at the Times, including a National Magazine Award in March for profiles on Viola Davis and Whoopi Goldberg. Forbes named her one of its top “30 under 30” journalists several years earlier, in part for her work to help diversify her newsroom.
She was prominently involved in criticizing her newspaper’s op-ed desk in 2020 after it published a column by Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) urging the military to enter US cities. reported The Washington Post.

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