Google has announced that it will be manufacturing the latest-generation Pixel 8 smartphone in India. The company made the announcement at its recent Google for India event in New Delhi. The event among others was attended by union minister Ashwini Vaishnaw. The communications and IT minister made a suggestion to Google. He has asked the company to start production of its Tensor chipset in India in three years as well as bring the premium Pixel Fold devices in India at the earliest.
For context, Google launched its first-ever foldable smartphone — Pixel Fold — earlier this year. The company, however, did not launch the devices in India. As for the Tensor chipset, Google’s Pixel series phones since the year 2020 are powered by the Tensor chipset range. The latest-generation Pixel devices — Pixel 8 series — run on Tensor G3 chipset and includes the latest generation of ARM central processing units, an upgraded Graphics processing unit (GPU), and next-gen Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) to support Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) models.
“I have asked them to bring the fab of Tensor to India in three years. In the coming days, they should start manufacturing Tensor in an Indian fab,” Vaishnaw told the media on the sidelines of the Google for India event. The minister further said that India’s manufacturing ecosystem has become very good, and that he has asked Google to support it and deepen it further.
“The entire supply chain team of Google will be working here to ensure that the Indian component system gets deeper,” Vaishnaw said.
Google to make Pixel 8 in India
Earlier, Google senior vice president for Devices and Services Rick Osterloh announced that the company will make the Pixel series of smartphones in India, starting with Pixel 8. The company plans to roll out the India-made devices in 2024. He said that the company will partner with international and domestic manufacturers to make the phones in India. Reports suggest that the company is in talks with Indian electronics manufacturer Dixon Technologies as well as with Bharat FIH, an arm of Taiwan’s Foxconn, to set up production of the Pixel 8 smartphone in India.
Google also announced a credit facility for consumers and merchants in partnership with banks and NBFCs for loans on its mobile payment app GPay at the event, starting from Rs 15,000. Vaishnaw said that the availability of digital credit will be very powerful. At present, he said, small Kirana store owners have to run behind banks for credit, but with digital credit, banks will start chasing merchants.
“By October 2025, the way everyone talks about digital payment, in the same way, people will talk about digital credit. In the next two years, people will come and study the impact of digital credit in India,” Vaishnaw said. The minister said that digital credit will enhance competition in the credit market, which will possibly bring down interest rates.

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