Shah Rukh Khan‘s much-anticipated action-packed thriller, ‘Jawan,’ is facing unexpected hurdles in its journey to the Bangladeshi theaters. Originally slated for a simultaneous release with its global premiere on September 7, the film has hit a roadblock due to the decision of the Bangladeshi censor board not to clear it for release.
Anonno Mamun, the spokesperson for Action Cut Entertainment, had previously confirmed that ‘Jawan’ would grace Bangladeshi screens on the same day as its worldwide debut.However, the verdict from censor board members Khourshed Alam and Aruna Biswas has put this plan on hold indefinitely.

As of now, the new release date for ‘Jawan’ in Bangladesh remains uncertain, leaving fans in anticipation and uncertainty. The unexpected delay in its release has also prompted concerns of potential protests in the country, as voiced by Bangladeshi filmmaker Delwar Jahan Jhantu.

Shah Rukh Khan’s last film ‘Pathaan’ also faced a lot of troubles during its release in Bangladesh earlier this year. That time, SRK had assured his fans in Bangladesh that things will be sorted out and the film will release in the neighbouring country. Now, it will be interesting to see how things will be sorted out for ‘Jawan’s release.
Jhantu has expressed his reservations about the methods through which Hindi cinema gains access to the Bangladeshi market, often deviating from established norms. He has questioned the fairness of allowing two films to secure a release in the same week while restricting others from doing so. He boldly stated, “If the ministry somehow allows it, we will take to the streets. There is no way but to protest.”
The release of ‘Jawan’ in Bangladesh adds complexity to the already intricate landscape of film distribution in the country. Bangladesh traditionally premieres films on Fridays, but the decision to release ‘Jawan’ on a Thursday, September 7, has added another layer of confusion. Moreover, an ongoing dispute over adherence to producer committee rules further complicates the situation.

What makes the situation even more intriguing is that ‘Jawan’ had its grand global release on September 7, with expectations of it hitting screens in Bangladesh a day later. However, this release date remains uncertain due to the ongoing disputes and protests looming on the horizon.
In a broader context, the release of ‘Jawan’ in Bangladesh has ignited a heated debate about the dynamics of film distribution and the adherence to established protocols within the country’s cinema industry. It also highlights the challenges faced by foreign films trying to make their mark in the vibrant Bangladeshi film market. As fans eagerly await updates on ‘Jawan’s’ fate in Bangladesh, the film’s journey is marked by uncertainty and controversy.

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