KOLKATA: The vast majority of the 35 recent dengue deaths recorded in Bengal were that of patients aged below 50, without any major comorbidities; just five were senior citizens. An important reason for this topsy-turvy death demographic, experts felt, could be younger patients’ “casual approach” to the disease, even though immunological and genetic factors could also have played a part.
Most of these dengue casualties were between 20 and 50 years old, whereas children made up the second-largest chunk, according to latest data available with TOI. The most recent such death was that of a two-month-old boy from Tijala, who succumbed to severe dengue last Saturday.
Experts felt a “casual approach” to the disease could be one reason why many young people delayed treatment.
But Yogiraj Ray, associate professor of Infectious Diseases at IPGMER, felt there “had to be some immunological explanation behind this (higher proportion of younger people dying).” He said the reasons needed to be explored.
Kolkata reported the first dengue death in July, a month since monsoon arrived.

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