CHANDRAPUR: A pregnant woman, who had gone missing while taking her 4-year-old son to buy ice cream in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, was discovered lifeless on Thursday morning near a river bridge.
A police official reported that her young son had been sitting beside her lifeless body throughout the night.
Sushma Kakde, along with her son Durvansh, had left their residence in Teachers’ Colony, Ballarpur, at approximately 9:30 pm on Wednesday.
However, they did not return within the expected timeframe, PTI quoted superintendent of police Ravindrasingh Pardesi as saying.
Her husband, Pawankumar Kakde, who works as a bank employee, along with other family members, conducted a search for her for a while.
Subsequently, they approached the Ballarpur police station, according to the statement from the Superintendent of Police.
Concerned individuals informed Pawankumar and his family that Sushma’s lifeless body had been discovered near the Wardha river bridge on the Rajura-Ballarpur road.
When a police team arrived at the scene at 4 am on Thursday, they found Durvansh sitting near his mother’s lifeless body, visibly distressed, as relayed by the superintendent of police.
“At first glance, it appears that she may have fallen onto a muddy area from the bridge late Wednesday night. Nevertheless, we are thoroughly investigating all aspects to ascertain the sequence of events that led to her unfortunate demise. A case has been officially registered,” stated Pardesi.
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