An oblivious tradie has been captured driving through Melbourne with a fuel hose and nozzle still attached to his car.

The bizarre sight was filmed by a fellow motorist travelling down Sydney Road in Coburg, north of the CBD, this week.

“This can only be Melbourne,” the man filming from a vehicle behind was heard saying.

“The bloke’s just driven out with the pump,” he said as he drove closer to the car, showing the nozzle still firmly in the tank.

“Oh s**t, that’s not good,” he said.

The man continued filming as he yelled out to alert the driver to what was happening.

“Hey buddy!” he said, as the driver wound his window down.

“Your gas, it’s connected still,” he said, prompting an alarmed expression from the driver.

He repeated, “your gas”, before the driver responded with a simple, “alright”, and maneuvered his car to the side of the road.

The driver’s casual response sent viewers into a spin, with thousands in disbelief at what they just watched.

“He said ‘alright’ like he’d prepared his entire life for this moment. He knows the drill,” one person said in response.

Someone else joked that it was actually an “amazing idea” because now “he can drive car with fuel for his whole life”.

Many were perplexed over how someone could drive away without realising they were towing a fuel hose behind them.

“Surely he would have noticed the tug when he started driving off,” one wrote.

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